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Given the current restrictive measures that have been enforced with regards to citizen movements with the aim of reducing the spread of the Coronavirus, and in order to provide you with details regarding alternative payment methods for your products, kindly contact us on the below telephone numbers:

  • For products of H3P, call (+30) 213 099 6150
  • For products of HOIST FINANCE AB (publ), call (+30) 213 099 6170
  • For products of Symbol Investment NPLCo Designated Activity Company, call (+30) 213-0106720
  • For products of Credit M, call (+30) 213 088 7738

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About Us

Cepal is a company which specializes in providing servicing management for loan and credit receivables, regulated by the Bank of Greece and according to Article1 Paragraph 1. a. of Law 4354/2015 as stipulated in the Executive Committee Act 095/27.5.2016.
We bring strategic know-how and advanced servicing methods, providing innovative, flexible and effective solutions to clients and borrowers.
As a pioneer in the Greek market, Cepal aspires to become the leading company for managing receivables, providing mutually beneficial servicing solutions to clients and borrowers through the implementation of successful international practices.
Our vision is to mark a new era in the evolution of the Greek banking sector through the application of new specialized standards and sophisticated know-how, which will drive efficiency and transparency across all our procedures.

Our Approach

At Cepal, we have designed a three-pronged approach and specific tools that allow us to optimize the services we provide to both our clients and borrowers.

Friendly approach

Sincere communication is a key and powerful tool we have at our disposal. By carefully evaluating each borrower’s financial situation, we are able to assess their current and future abilities. Our borrower-centric communication approach allows our specialized representatives to find the optimal solution for everyone.

Data Analytics & IT systems

Through our advanced IT and data analytical systems, we are able to develop tailor-made offers for borrowers. This means that via combining our know-how and our sophisticated technology, we are better positioned to enhance our decision-making strategies, create “win-win” agreements with borrowers and enhance our business results.

Long Term Amicable Solutions

As we are in the business of creating mutually beneficial relations all of our procedures aim at the creation of personalized and amicable agreements. We methodically assess each case separately and create specific offers focusing on long term optimal solutions for borrowers.


Cepal is committed that all its activities comply with the Code of Conduct issued by the Bank of Greece (BoG), as well as with the relevant regulatory provisions governing its operating framework.
The Code of Conduct (CoC) of the BoG establishes the general principles of conduct to be followed both by the credit and financial institutions and by the borrowers, taking into account the specificities of each borrower, in order to design the best possible solution on a case-by-case basis.
The framework defined by the BoG aims at informing and protecting the borrowers and serves as a communication guideline for the credit and financial institutions. The Company is obliged to include in Stage 3 of the A.R.P. the borrower, who submits on his/her own initiative the information required by the CoC, for the assessment of the repayment ability of his/her debts, except in the cases of Section C.2 of the CoC as these are detailed in the Informative Brochure for Borrowers with financial difficulties.

It is noted that in cases of borrowers assigned for management by Institutions supervised by the BoG, the implementation of the A.R.P. stages of the CoC is carried out on a case-by-case basis by the relevant supervised Institutions.



As a member of the Cepal team you will be part of a dynamically evolving and meritocratic environment, which offers competitive compensation and benefits, and that rewards your performance, passion and skills in playing a key role towards the realization of our vision. You will be working in a professional environment, which ensures intensive and thorough training and continuous development of your skills. Moreover, you will be in the unique position to contribute to the improvement of the servicing sector of loan and credit receivables in Greece.

We are looking for:
  • Experienced professionals with strong self-motivation
  • High sense of responsibility and ethical values
  • Originality of ideas and initiatives
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
Job Openings:

Please send your CV to express your general interest to: Join Cepal

Contact Us

For any general enquiries relating to your loan and credit servicing, you may contact us on (+30) 213 088 6600 or (+30)2108807907, or via email at customerservices@cepal.gr, or via fax at (+30) 213 088 7790-91

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For any enquiries for H3P products, effective 24/05/2021 you may contact B2 Kapital on (+30)216 200 5005 or via email at care@b2Kapital.gr

For any enquiries related to products of HOIST FINANCE AB (publ) (which were transfered from Alpha Bank on December 21st 2018), you may contact us on (+30) 213 099 6170, or via email at customerinfo2@cepal.gr, or via fax at (+30) 213 088 7795

For any enquiries related to products of Symbol Investment NPLCo Designated Activity Company (which we transfer from NBG on December 6th 2019) you may contact us on (+30) 213-0106720 or via email at customerinfo4@cepal.gr,
or via fax at (+30) 213-0887793

For any enquiries related to products of Credit M, you may contact us on (+30) 213 088 7738, or via email at customerinfo3@cepal.gr,
or via fax at (+30) 213 088 7797

For any Corporate or other enquiry, you may contact us on (+30) 213 088 7600, or via email at cepalcorporate@cepal.gr,
or via fax at (+30) 213 088 7780

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